Splash Kingdom Waterpark

Splash Kingdom Waterpark, located in the thriving city of Redlands, California, is a thrilling haven of watery adventures and enjoyable activities for the whole family. The waterpark has developed into a well-liked location where guests of all ages can escape the summer heat and create priceless memories thanks to its assortment of thrilling water slides, wave pools, and interactive attractions. Splash Kingdom offers an amazing experience that perfectly embodies the essence of a traditional waterpark retreat, with everything from exhilarating thrills to calm lounging spaces.

Several Different Water Rides

Splash Kingdom Waterpark is known for its exhilarating water rides, and it lives up to the reputation. The waterpark has plenty to offer any adventure seeker, from tall slides that send visitors on terrifying descents to twisting and turning flumes that promise fun and excitement.

The high-speed slides offer an exhilarating rush for those looking for a heart-pounding adventure as riders plunge down steep drops and negotiate turns and bends. On multi-person raft rides, families can interact as they navigate the turns and splashes together, sharing the thrill and fun. The leisure pools and lazy river, however, provide a more laid-back opportunity to unwind and enjoy the sunshine, producing a balanced experience that appeals to both thrill-seekers and those seeking a peaceful haven.

Aqua play areas and wave pools

The wave pools and interactive play areas at Splash Kingdom Waterpark are the focal points of the aquatic experience. Visitors can surf the waves in the wave pools just like they would in the ocean, evoking the feel of a real beach. Visitors of all ages are invited to paddle, float, and play by the rhythmic waves, which foster a sense of adventure on the water.

Aqua play zones at the waterpark provide a fun and safe setting for splashing, sliding, and exploring for younger visitors. These play spaces, which feature water cannons, tipping buckets, and miniature slides, are made to spark kids’ imaginations and keep them occupied for a long time. Parents can participate in the fun or unwind nearby in the knowledge that their children are having a blast in a safe setting.

Aquatic Lounges and Retreats for Relaxation

Although Splash Kingdom Waterpark is well renowned for its heart-pounding activities, it also understands the value of unwinding. The waterpark features peaceful spaces for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and taking a respite from the action. An attractive atmosphere for leisurely relaxation is created by the cozy lounge chairs, large shade umbrellas, and tranquil surroundings.

The VIP cabanas and premium seating options enhance the relaxing experience by providing exclusive areas where visitors can take advantage of individualized service, shaded comfort, and a feeling of exclusivity. These sections offer the ideal refuge for groups, families, and couples looking for a more relaxed way to take in the atmosphere of the waterpark.

a show focusing on families

Splash Kingdom Waterpark offers families a full range of entertainment options beyond water coasters. The waterpark’s calendar is packed with entertaining events that up the thrill factor of the trip, from live music performances to themed events and special guests.

Themed gatherings, like “Dive-In Movie Nights” and “Luau Parties,” present special chances for families to connect while taking in a show outside. These gatherings promote a sense of neighborhood and produce memories that go beyond the water slides.

Accessibility and security

The facility is outfitted with qualified lifeguards, first aid stations, and safety procedures to create a secure atmosphere for all visitors because safety is of the utmost importance at Splash Kingdom Waterpark. Everyone can enjoy the activities and amenities thanks to the waterpark’s commitment to accessibility, which is demonstrated by its efforts to accommodate those with disabilities.

Splash Kingdom Waterpark aims to create an inclusive environment for people of all abilities, with wheelchair-accessible pathways, seats, and restrooms. This commitment to accessibility reflects the waterpark’s desire to giving everyone visitor an equal opportunity to have fun.

Engagement with the Community and Special Events

Splash Kingdom Waterpark is more than simply a tourist attraction; it actively engages with the Redlands neighborhood. Numerous special activities held in the waterpark unite families, friends, and neighbors. Splash Kingdom’s adaptable facilities can accommodate a variety of events, from corporate gatherings and birthday parties to school field trips and charity fundraisers.

The waterpark’s dedication to civic participation is further demonstrated by its relationships with neighborhood businesses and educational institutions. By providing discounted prices, educational programs, and events that benefit the neighborhood, Splash Kingdom actively promotes education, wellness, and community involvement.

Responsibility for the environment

Splash Kingdom Waterpark is aware of its environmental responsibilities and uses green technologies to reduce its environmental impact. The waterpark is committed to promoting sustainability and protecting natural resources, with projects ranging from waste reduction programs to water conservation measures.

Splash Kingdom fosters a sense of environmental responsibility in its visitors by teaching them about the value of environmental stewardship and giving them the chance to engage in eco-friendly activities. The waterpark hopes to serve as an example of ethical corporate conduct in the leisure and entertainment sector through these initiatives.

Looking Forward

The future vision of Splash Kingdom Waterpark centers on innovation, continual improvement, and bettering visitor experiences. The management of the waterpark is committed to staying on the cutting edge of developments in waterpark design, technology, and visitor happiness. Through this dedication to innovation, visitors can be guaranteed that the waterpark experience will always be engaging and innovative.

In addition, Splash Kingdom continues to be committed to its function as a community asset, cultivating alliances with nearby businesses, institutions of higher learning, and organizations. The waterpark wants to continue to be a top choice for families looking for fun, relaxation, and summertime memories by maintaining close ties to the Redlands neighborhood.


The Splash Kingdom Waterpark in Redlands, California, is proof that water-based adventures and family-friendly entertainment will always be popular. Its extensive selection of water rides, interactive features, and recreation spaces combine to provide an immersive experience that is suitable for visitors of all ages and tastes. Splash Kingdom Waterpark not only offers exhilarating entertainment but also fosters values that appeal to families and the neighborhood through its dedication to safety, accessibility, community engagement, and environmental responsibility. The waterpark continues to be a beloved location that personifies the essence of summertime pleasure and relaxation as generations of guests splash around in its inviting pools and exhilarating slides.

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